Does Changing YouTube Title Affect Views?

The direct answer is Yes, changing YouTube titles can affect your views…!

Now how this happens or why it affects the views? Let’s find the answer together in this article. Here I will answer why this affects your video views and how to change the titles so that your views don’t go down. Now without wasting much time let’s start the discussion. But before that let’s know about the importance of titles in YouTube Videos.

The Importance of Title In a YouTube Video

Titles in one of the most important factors to rank a video don’t the top of YouTube search. This also works best to attract more people to the video. If the title is engaging and eye catchy the creator or that video is going to grab more views. And if the titles are not that much eye catchy and simple titles then the YouTube creator is missing the views he deserves.

To do a proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO), optimizing the titles is important. If the title is well-optimized and the description is also written very well then it plays an important role to rank the video on YouTube. In our busy lives, people don’t waste their time on something useless so they always try to find something that will give them benefits or entertain them.

If you are writing some titles that seem boring people are going to think that this is a boring video that will waste your time. So keeping your title well-optimized is something that every video creator should do on their channel. Now after showing you the importance of the titles in YouTube videos let’s talk about the main issue of why you are here for.

Does Changing YouTube Title Affect Views?

Does Changing YouTube Title Affect Views

Yes, it’s obvious that changing titles can affect your views but it can be increased or decreased. Changing titles is a good practice to do with your video to find the right format for your audience or to get more views. If you change the title and use a new title that is not engaging or doesn’t attract viewers then your views are going down for sure.

But if you optimize your title and use it as a new title in your videos and the title is better than the existing one then your views are going to get a push. So the views are not going to decrease or increase it fully depends on how and what type of titles you use in your videos.

So you have to keep in mind that you have to make engaging and attractive titles that should catch the views attention. Try to use your targeted keywords in your title which will help the search engine to suggest that video to the right people who search for that topic. Always use a relevant title so that people should not feel disappointed because they thought his video is on that topic but your video is totally on another topic.

But optimizing titles is not everything to get more views. You have to provide value and have to provide the things that people need to watch. If your content is not that much powerful then optimizing titles and descriptions will not work at the end of the day. So keep focusing on your content and optimize the titles, descriptions, and thumbnails a little bit to tell the search engine that your video is well-optimized on that topic.


Does Changing YouTube Titles Help SEO?

If you have placed new optimized titles than the existing ones then yes it helps you to get more views. But changing titles does not tell YouTube to rank the video immediately.

Can you change the YouTube title after posting?

Yes, you can easily change the title after posting from the YouTube studio. If you are using a mobile phone then you have to download the app and if you are on a computer browser then you can simply visit the website.

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