How To Change a YouTube Video Title on Pc & Mobile

You are here means you are searching for how to change a YouTube video title. No worries you have come to the right article on the internet. In this article, I’m going to show you simple steps to change the title of your video. I will also provide visuals and will show you practically how to do that.

So stay with me till the end and make sure to see all the steps first then try by yourself. Now before going into the steps let’s see why video creators need to change a video title.

Why YouTubers Change Their Video Titles

Why YouTubers Change Their Video Titles

There are so many reasons behind every creator changing their video titles. Knowing about all of them is not possible right? But there are some common reasons why video creators try to change their titles. Now I’m gonna talk about those common things.

Changing titles and thumbnails are mostly made by the vloggers who consistently post their daily vlogs on Youtube. They try to change the titles and make it more engaging to attract more views. They also change titles and thumbnails after some time so their existing audience may think that it is a new video. This trick works for most YouTube creators sometimes and truly many people have fallen for this trick.

Testing is another purpose for changing video titles. The video creators try to find the best titles which will get them more views so they keep trying new combinations until they find the best title. Now let’s see the steps of how to change a YouTube video title that you already uploaded.

Generate Engaging YouTube Video Titles For Free

Before changing the title of your video make sure you choose some attractive engaging titles so your video views can increase over time. If you don’t use attractive titles you may lose lots of views and audience. To generate eye-catchy youtube titles I have made a tool that you can use to generate titles for free that can attract more people.

How To Change a YouTube Video Title on a PC

Here are 4 steps to change the title of an uploaded YouTube video on a PC. Make sure to see till the last visual to understand the steps properly.

1. First visit YouTube Studio then find and click on the content option

how to change a youtube video title in pc

2. Find the video to which you want to change the title of

3. Get your cursor on that content and you will see a Pencil Icon which works as an edit option, click on that

How to edit a video title in YouTube

4. Now you can easily change the title and description of your Youtube video

Edit title and description of a YouTube video

These were the steps to edit your youtube video title. Make sure to use some engaging titles while changing the existing ones.

How To Change a YouTube Video Title on Mobile

The steps for changing the title are different on mobile. So see the steps below carefully and you can easily change the existing video titles.

  • First, you have to download the YouTube Studio App, you can find it on Play Store or App Store
  • Open the app, find the content section at the bottom of the page, and click on that
  • Click on the three dots available on the right side of all videos
  • You will then see an option called “Edit Video” Click on that
  • Now you can edit your video title and description from your mobile.

If the steps feel complicated to you don’t worry I have made a dedicated video for you on how you can change youtube video title on a mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering all the questions regarding video title changing is not possible. But there are some common questions which I will answer below.

Is it OK to change the YouTube video title?

Yes, there are no issues if you change the title of your video, but make sure to use some engaging titles.

Can I Change an Uploaded Video Title on YouTube?

Yes, you can change the title of an existing video that you have on your channel. The steps to change the title are described above make sure to see them.

Do I Need YouTube Studio to Change The title?

Yes, you have to use YouTube Studio to change the titles or descriptions of your videos.

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