YouTube Premium is Now Available in Bangladesh

Recently the premium features of YouTube have been accessible from Bangladesh. YouTube Premium was not available for the people of Bangladesh from the very beginning but recently it’s been available in that country.

People of that country have wanted this for so long and after the availability they are accepting it very joyfully. Many people have shifted from YouTube to YouTube Premium. The subscription fee for the premium is reasonable so many people are getting it.

But in this article, I’m going to talk about the features of YouTube Premium and how to buy it.

What is YouTube

YouTube is one of the most usable platforms by the people of this world. This is a video platform that is offering entertainment for free. It is now the reason for many people’s monthly earnings. People can earn from this platform and the impressive thing is they can start it for free.

People have learned many new things from this platform and have gained knowledge from the videos made by the creators. This platform has one of the most friendly interfaces for the users. So anyone can find anything they want on this platform.

They also have a subscription-based system which provides some more valuable features to the users. Below I’m going to talk about those features which you will get if you get the YouTube premium subscription.

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YouTube Premium Advantages

After being accessible in Bangladesh, people want to know what they will get after they purchase the premium. So here is all the answer they need to know. Now below are the features that you will get in YouTube Premium.

  • Enjoy the YouTube Platform without ads
  • Download videos for offline watching
  • Video Play in the background

Enjoy the YouTube Platform without ads

This is one of the most impressive features of the premium version. Because no user wants to get interrupted while they are watching their favorite videos. But paying the subscription fee you can access YouTube and watch the video you want but there will be no ad on the videos. So you can get a seamless experience of watching the things you love.

Download videos for offline watching

Yes, you heard it right, you can download youtube videos on your device and can view them without any internet. So you can enjoy your favorite movies and videos anywhere anytime you want. There will be no hasstle for internet packegaes.

Video Play in the background

This is one of the most needed features for most of the users. People can actually play the video in the background while they do their other tasks on that mobile device. Many people use some mod version of YouTube just to enable this feature but they can get this feature by purchasing the YouTube Premium.

There is another good news for you, which is if you get YouTube Premium you will also get access to YouTube Music. So it is a win-win situation for the people. Now let’s see what is the price of this premium subscription.

YouTube Premium Price in Bangladesh

People can get access to all the premium features by just paying $13.99 per month which means $167.88 US dollars per annual. Many people need to know YouTube premium price in Bangladesh, no worries I’m here to inform you of that.

Usual PremiumBDT 239 TakaBDT 2,868 Taka
Family PlanBDT 449 TakaBDT 5,388 Taka
Student PlanBDT 139 TakaBDT 1,668 Taka

The subscription fee for Bangladesh is BDT 239 Taka per month which means BDT 2,868 Taka per annum. There are two other packages available which are the Family plan and the Student plan.

The price of a family plan in Bangladesh is BDT 449 Taka per month so you have to pay BDT 5,388 Taka per year. The main feature of this package is you can add five family members with this account so they can also access the premium version but they need to be aged 13 years upper.

If you are a student then there is a big discount for you. You can pay BDT 139 Taka per month which means you only have to pay BDT 1,668 Taka if you use it the whole year and get a premium subscription. But you need to verify your student identity then you will get this package.

You can visit this page to get the latest updated price of YouTube Premium in Bangladesh.


Is YouTube Premium available in Bangladesh?

Yes, YouTube Premium is now available in Bangladesh

How much is 1 year of YouTube Premium in Bangladesh?

You have to pay BDT 2,868 Taka for 1 year of YouTube Premium. But it varies from package to package so you have to check the table provides above.

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