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Quick Tip: Make sure to keep your title within 70 Characters so people can see the full title on their device. This Also Helps YouTube SEO.

You are on this page means you are searching for a YouTube Title Length Checker tool where you can check your or other YouTube video title’s length. You are at the right place and I hope you have found this tool helpful.

Below I’m going to share some essential information regarding title length that you need to know to optimize your video for YouTube.

What is the title character limit of YouTube? What Is the ideal YouTube title length? How to optimize a title for SEO? – I will answer all of those below. So stay with me and let’s begin the in-depth journey.

Do Youtube Titles Matter?

Yes, youtube titles matter for several reasons. First, they help attract viewers’ attention and curious them to click on your video. A catchy title can hit their curiosity and make them want to learn more. Second, YouTube titles play a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO).

When users search for specific topics, youtube uses titles to determine if a video is relevant to their search. By using relevant keywords in your title, you can increase the chances of your video appearing in search results. Well-crafted titles can improve the overall visibility and click-through rate of your videos.

So, it’s important to create engaging and SEO-friendly youtube titles that are relevant to the content of your video.

How To Optimize Title To Rank on YouTube?

How To Optimize Title To Rank on YouTube

This is not general knowledge that YouTube authority will share their ranking algorithm. But some proven ways help to rank your video on YouTube. Optimizing titles is one of the most important among them. You have to optimize your video for the search engine and if you dont do that, then you may not get your deserving views.

You have to make quality content first which will provide the things that your viewers need. Then the process of optimizing starts and from the very beginning you have to be careful about the title. You have to put some engaging titles that match your content and attract more viewers.

While making an engaging title for your video you have to keep in mind that the title should be within 70 characters or less. If you put all your keywords in the title and make it 99 characters then most of them will not be shown to the users. Because the first 70 characters are shown on the YouTube page and the other characters are cut off.

You can also make a direct subscribe link which you can share and increase the chance of getting subscribers. This is one of the most popular hack that people use to get more subscribers to their channel.

Don’t know how to check character numbers? Dont worry this tool will show you how many characters your title has. You can also check other video creators’ title lengths which can also give you an idea of how they optimize their YouTube videos.

How To Use Our YouTube Title Length Checker Tool

YouTube Title Length Checker

You dont need any extra knowledge to use our tool. There are some simple rules to follow and you will know how many characters your video title has. Now here are the steps.

  • Copy the Title which you want to check the characters
  • Paste it into this tool and you will see the character number below where you have pasted the title

The last piece of advice I can give you is to always try to keep your title engaging and attractive. Below I’m going to answer some of the most asked questions regarding youtube titles so stick with me and know the answers. Keep your eyes on us to get more YouTube tools.


What Is the Ideal YouTube Title Length?

The ideal title length for a YouTube video is 70 characters which can help a little bit to optimize your video. This also helps the users to see the whole title properly, so try to keep your video titles within 70 characters.

How many words can YouTube title fit?

You can use 100 characters in your YouTube video title but the best practice is to use 70 characters.

Should YouTube titles be short or long?

Its best to describe your video within 60-70 words and try to make it engaging.

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